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Maine Deaf Film and Video Festival at USM


DFF 2004
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Maine Deaf Film Festival 2004

2nd Annual Maine Deaf Film Festival 2004                        

Saturday, April 24, 2004


The film festival will be held at the Luther Bonney Auditorium of the University of Southern Maine (USM) in Portland. The event will consist of films and videos that feature either Deaf characters or offer the Deaf perspective.


If you are interested in volunteering for the Film Festival please contact Brenda Schertz at or Dannietta Storer at


This event is hosted by the ASL Club Maine with support from the Linguistics Department at USM. For more information about the film festival please see or call the

ASL Lab at 207-780-5957 Voice or

207-780-5933 TTY.


Right Now Volunteers Needed!

In order to make this year as successful as last year, we would like to promote volunteering. We are looking for volunteers interested in the following committees:


Films- select and decide order of films presented that day.


Media and Technical Services- work with  USMs Instructional Technology & Media  Services to assist with microphones, TV, VCR, DVDs, etc.


Press, Promotion and Publicity- write a press release, contact the media, create promotion materials and inform the public about the event.


Ticket Sales- organize printing of tickets, distribute tickets to sellers prior to the day of the event and help sell and collect tickets on the day of the event.


Sponsorship- acquire sponsorship needed for the event.


Reception- contact food vendors to organize donations and serve food on the day of the event.


Concessions- assist with setting up the concession stand and sell food on the day of the event.



For more information about tickets, scheduling, volunteering, etc. call:
207 780-5933 TTY
207 780-5957 Voice

or email us at:

To join the ASL Club of Maine mailing list email

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